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If you know me, then you know that I have an ongoing affair with paint, pens, markers, paper, whiteboard, and a notebook… And if you don’t know me, then no, I am not crazy — I just love to visually express what is on my mind. 😉 In this article I hope to inspire you by sharing a small piece of my passion for creation. So, let us begin!

There is a lot of studies that support the idea of “a picture is worth a thousand words” so I will not focus on that today.

Instead, I want to show you a few personal examples with the emphasis on the benefits I experience and share tips on how to start drawing on your own.

I am an artist by heart and degree, so it is easy for me to say, drawing is fun. I admit, it is always difficult when you try new things, it might be scary at the beginning, you might fail few times and there is a chance you might end up frustrated. But there is also a huge chance you will reap different kinds of benefits, enjoy yourself, smile, generate great ideas, learn, and more! It is a matter of practice and to make this easier for you, I will show you a few examples of my visuals, so that you can get some inspiration.

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When creating notes from e.g. conferences or courses, I use graphics to support my learning experience. I noticed that it is easier for me to remember the information if there is a drawing connected with it — it is like a mental picture in my head 📝

When preparing a workshop e.g. Discovery Event, I always think which exercise can be supported be some illustrations. I do that because I know it will increase participants focus, their creativity, and will have a positive impact on the whole atmosphere in the room 🎈

When generating ideas e.g. for possible improvements or training content, I try to draw the process/information flow or emotions I expect to experience. It is this creative time and space when, often, at the beginning nothing makes sense. BUT! It is exactly this feeling which leads to a bunch of sketches, words and ideas I can use to create something new and exciting. So, by allowing myself to be creative and imperfect, I unlock my mind and see things from new perspectives ✨

When issuing communication pieces such as an article or a video, I think about what would be the best way to emphasise the message I want others to remember, by using graphics or visuals. Thanks to that my chances in reaching out to my colleagues and building their understanding are a bit bigger 🎬

If you want to support what you say with visuals and expose yourself towards benefits mentioned above, my advice is — just start. And don’t worry, it will probably look odd and not perfect at all, at the beginning — but that’s fine! After some time, you will see progress! Take an A4 paper and try it out. I recommend you start with a few objects you will be able to use in many situations (a few examples mentioned in the picture below), and after you will feel a bit more comfortable, extend your “portfolio” with the new ones.

Tip: Remember about frames, colours and shadows! They will add a 3D touch into your drawings and will make them waaaay better!

I hope this article inspired you to at least give it a try! And since it is a matter of practice, I want to challenge you! 😊

Here is a sentence by Benjamin Franklin:

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

How would you visualise it? 👁‍🗨

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